Joan Naper, Author

Beautiful DreamerBeautiful Dreamer

a novel by Joan Naper

Twenty-two year-old Kitty Coakley is a young woman ahead of her time. While her sister Margaret and the other girls in their neighborhood are content to settle into lives as mothers and housewives, spirited Kitty has bigger plans. The youngest of seven children born to Irish-Catholic immigrants, she's determined to carve out a place for herself in bustling turn-of-the-century Chicago.

Inspired by her independent Aunt Mabel, who runs a millinery boutique at Marshal Field's, Kitty sets her sights on becoming a kindergarten teacher. However, complications arise when she finds herself pursued by not one, but two young beaus - steady, Catholic Brian and ambitious, Protestant Henry. Ultimately, Kitty must choose between living a safe but predictable life or following her heart into the unknown.


Published by Allium Press.

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